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ISO 9001:2015

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No Interruption in Manufacturing

A fire occurred at G&E’s plant in Wadsworth, Ohio, on Tuesday May 14th. All plant personnel were evacuated, and no injuries occurred. The fire was contained to an area in the rubber recycling plant; the Masterbatch plant was unaffected. Our fire suppression system worked properly to control the fire until the Wadsworth Fire Department arrived […]

Goldsmith & Eggleton Announces Carbon Black Masterbatch Plant Enhancements

WADSWORTH, OH — March 14, 2024 – Goldsmith & Eggleton LLC (G&E), a Ravago company, is excited to announce the completion of a year-long improvement plan for its carbon black masterbatch (CBMB) plant. These improvements have been designed to minimize the handling of carbon black and rubber in the mixer, improve ergonomics, and increase batch-to-batch […]

Ravago to realign business under HB Chemical

Companies become stronger together in rubber industry WADSWORTH, OH — December 7, 2022 – Ravago will be realigning the rubber business of both Channel Prime Alliance (CPA) and Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) under HB Chemical on January 1, 2023. “The goal of this consolidation is to offer the rubber industry a diverse range of products, […]

Ravago Company, Goldsmith & Eggleton Achieves Belgian Quality Association QA-CER Recycled Content Certification

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — August 26, 2022 – Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E), a Ravago company announced that its been awarded the Belgian Quality Association QA-CER System 2 certification for Recycled Content. The certification’s scope assessed the processing, quality, and management systems for the production of recycled rubber polymers. The BQA QA-CER Recycled Content guarantees the validity […]

Ravago consolidates reprocessed elastomer brands creating the global product standard, Ravaflex™

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — June 27, 2022 — Ravago has announced the global rebranding of its premium brand of reprocessed elastomers under one common product standard, Ravaflex™. The brand name itself means sustainability, reliability, performance, quality, and value. Ravago manufactures reprocessed rubber in Belgium, Saudi Arabia and the United States and is the industry leader in […]

Goldsmith & Eggleton Introduces Raw Materials Handling Line

WADSWORTH, OH — February 25, 2021 – Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) has introduced its new raw materials handling line as part of the company’s modernization initiative following last year’s renovation of its polymer laboratory facility. This new line will provide a high degree of automation to the process, eliminating much of the hand labor involved […]

Ravago Supplying Key Materials for COVID Response

Materials distributed by the firm are used in many products used by medical responders treating COVID-19 patients. Ravago Americas says it and its subsidiaries are positioned to meet the challenge of materials demand related to COVID-19. Orlando, Fla.-based Ravago's distribution units include Amco Polymers, Burcham International, Channel Prime Alliance, Entec Polymers, Genesis Polymers and Muehlstein; [...]

Goldsmith & Eggleton Announces Laboratory Renovation

New equipment, information systemsand streamlining enhances technical services and customer support Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) is excited to announce the renovation of their polymer laboratory facility. As part of a modernization initiative at the G&E facilities, the renovation adds upgraded pieces of equipment such as an RPA Elite and 3 MV1 Mooney machines. Additionally, a [...]

Goldsmith & Eggleton Honored to Celebrate 50 Years as a Part of the Rubber Industry

Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) is honored to celebrate 50 wonderful years as a part of the rubber industry. G&E started as a family business, grew with extremely dedicated employees, suppliers, customers and partners, and expanded our footprint within the Ravago Holdings America family. The company truly values all those close relationships and attributes its success […]

G&E Growth Leads to 24-Hour Production at Wadsworth Manufacturing Plant

Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) is pleased to announce the Wadsworth, Ohio-based reprocessed rubber manufacturing facility began 24-hour operations, in early 2017. The increase in production and addition of 16 staff members will provide quicker turnaround for customers and allow G&E to continue to broaden its reprocessed rubber product portfolio. The need to increase their capacity [...]

Masterbatch Line Gets Upgrade at G&E’s Ohio Plant

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G&E Completes Masterbatch Plant Improvements

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Ravago Buys Goldsmith & Eggleton

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Eric Davies Promotion

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Goldsmith & Eggleton Proudly Accepts the Outstanding Business of the Year Award

Wadsworth, OH- The Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce proudly celebrated the 31st annual Rosie awards along with several local and community leaders on March 30, 2011. In attendance was Goldsmith & Eggleton taking home the Outstanding Business of the Year Award. Vice President of Goldsmith & Eggleton, Rob Eggleton said, “I proudly accepted the Award from […]

G&E Promotes Two Key Executives

Goldsmith & Eggleton is pleased to announce that senior leadership has promoted two key executives to newly created director level positions. Jeff Brabham has been promoted to the newly created position of Director of Global Sales. In this position, Brabham will develop sales for G&E processed and traded materials to both domestic and international customers. [...]

G&E President/CEO, Michael Fagan, Celebrates 30th Anniversary

G&E is pleased to announce that Michael Fagan, President/CEO, celebrated 30 years of service with the company in January 2010. In 1980, Fagan joined Goldsmith & Eggleton as the Warehouse Crew Leader, in charge of inventory and shipping responsibilities. He worked in various capacities with the firm in sales until being named President/CEO in 1994. […]

G&E Completes Mill Room Renovations for Added Quality & Efficiencies

G&E has completed the final phase of upgrades to its Mill Room, which began in 2008. These additions have had a significant impact on product quality supplied by G&E. The first phase of the renovation was the substantial investment in a new F-270 Internal Mixer with PLC controls for masterbatch production. The mixer greatly expanded […]

G&E adds a F270 Internal Mixer for Masterbatch production

The mixer, in addition to existing manufacturing technologies at G&E, greatly expands our ability to offer more capacity and a reliable source for all masterbatch materials. All masterbatches are formulated by G&E and produced in-house to maintain strict adherence to all quality standards. The F270 Internal Mixer utilizes an updated PLC controller and other system [...]

G&E earns ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation for its Environmental Management System

Goldsmith and Eggleton, a manufacturer of black masterbatches and reprocessed polymers, has earned registration of its Environmental Management System under the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001:2004 program. The ISO 14001:2004 program specifies requirements for an environmental management system which can be integrated with other management plans to assist organizations in achieving environmental and economic goals. […]

G&E Blended 565 EPDM ideal for Hose Applications and Molded Goods

G&E Blended 565 EPDM premium grade is designed for high-performance products and continuous cure extrusion applications. G&E Blended 565 EPDM is manufactured in accordance with a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008. Featuring tightly controlled specifications, the ethylene and ENB are measured and controlled through the entire manufacturing process, which gives this grade excellent […]

G&E Blended Halogenated Butyl (HIIR) suited for sealants and adhesives

G&E Halogenated Butyl (HIIR) is produced by combining feedstocks of Halogenated Butyl Rubber to achieve a uniform Mooney and percent halogen content. G&E Blended HIIR is an excellent material choice for non-cured tapes, caulks, sound deadening, vibration damping and general sealants and adhesives. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, G&E Blended HIIR is excellent for […]

G&E Renovates Mill Room for Added Capacity and Quality

Goldsmith & Eggleton has invested in a complete renovation of its Mill Room. The project will be finalized and ready for production in early January 2009. Details of the renovation include the installation of new dual-drive, unitized 84-inch batch-off mills outfitted with PLC controls and ancillary electric and temperature controls. These new mills will be […]