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ORLANDO, FLORIDA — August 26, 2022 – Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E), a Ravago company announced that its been awarded the Belgian Quality Association QA-CER System 2 certification for Recycled Content. The certification’s scope assessed the processing, quality, and management systems for the production of recycled rubber polymers. The BQA QA-CER Recycled Content guarantees the validity of the recycling process through to the finished product to support the principle of sustainability. The QA-CER System 2 assesses the technical specifications of G&E’s product, internal and external documentation organization, and overall product management.

Goldsmith & Eggleton was evaluated on its ability to satisfy specific requirements such as transparency, material traceability, documented information, and commitment to a circular economy. Each department received a perfect score – Management, Production, Purchasing, Quality, & Sales. All sections were “in conformity” with the standard set by BQA.

“Achieving the QA-CER certification was a cross-functional effort from our team members. We demonstrated to the BQA  auditors that all materials starting with incoming feeds are used to produce a 100% recycled, sustainable finished product,” said Michael Batman, Quality Manager who is responsible for the overall management of their ISO system, product controls, maintenance and distribution of documented information, “We are committed to being a part of the growing need for a circular economy.”

With a focus on providing recycled products to the market, he adds, “We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company, keeping waste from landfills, and continuing improvements in recycling technologies.”

G&E markets its recycled rubber under the brand name Ravaflex, a premium brand of reprocessed elastomers, which is uniformly manufactured globally through various Ravago manufacturing facilities.

This achievement reinforces Ravago’s overall commitment to recycling and contributing to a clean environment.

The Belgian Quality Association QA-CER Recycled Content is recognized and validated by the Circular Plastics Alliance led by the European Commission. The CPA is taking action to boost the market for recycled plastics and working to deliver systemic change.

About Goldsmith & Eggleton

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