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Ravago to realign business under HB Chemical

Companies become stronger together in rubber industry

WADSWORTH, OH — December 7, 2022 – Ravago will be realigning the rubber business of both Channel Prime Alliance (CPA) and Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) under HB Chemical on January 1, 2023.

“The goal of this consolidation is to offer the rubber industry a diverse range of products, all sourced from one company, without sacrificing the excellent customer service for which CPA, G&E and HB Chemical are known,” said Joe Moran, Vice Present of HB Chemical.

Ravago will be combining prime polymer distribution, Ravaflex recycled elastomers, carbon black masterbatch, global rubber trading, and HB Chemical’s extensive rubber chemicals product line to create an enhanced approach to servicing its customers and supply partners.

“This realignment will allow for a more complete product offering and focused sales approach to our customers,” said Rob Eggleton, Business Manager, Goldsmith & Eggleton LLC. “The combined expertise of these teams under one roof will enable our customers to streamline their raw materials sourcing.”

All G&E sales and customer service inquiries, including for the new Ravaflex line, will move from CPA to HB Chemicals. The G&E manufacturing facility will remain on location in Wadsworth, Ohio. Channel Prime Alliance headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, will continue its operation focusing on thermoplastic resin distribution. HB Chemical will manage the new combined rubber business out of its office in Twinsburg, Ohio.

About Ravago
Since its foundation in 1961 by Raf Van Gorp, Ravago provides a superior distribution, resale, compounding, and recycling service for plastic raw materials serving sophisticated functions that improve the sustainable quality of life. Ravago serves nearly 50,000 customers with multiple products and services. The company’s growth has been possible thanks to its 8,000 employees, and the values it represents: human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and humility. For more information, visit or contact

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Ravago Company, Goldsmith & Eggleton Achieves Belgian Quality Association QA-CER Recycled Content Certification

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — August 26, 2022 – Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E), a Ravago company announced that its been awarded the Belgian Quality Association QA-CER System 2 certification for Recycled Content. The certification’s scope assessed the processing, quality, and management systems for the production of recycled rubber polymers. The BQA QA-CER Recycled Content guarantees the validity of the recycling process through to the finished product to support the principle of sustainability. The QA-CER System 2 assesses the technical specifications of G&E’s product, internal and external documentation organization, and overall product management.

Goldsmith & Eggleton was evaluated on its ability to satisfy specific requirements such as transparency, material traceability, documented information, and commitment to a circular economy. Each department received a perfect score – Management, Production, Purchasing, Quality, & Sales. All sections were “in conformity” with the standard set by BQA.

“Achieving the QA-CER certification was a cross-functional effort from our team members. We demonstrated to the BQA  auditors that all materials starting with incoming feeds are used to produce a 100% recycled, sustainable finished product,” said Michael Batman, Quality Manager who is responsible for the overall management of their ISO system, product controls, maintenance and distribution of documented information, “We are committed to being a part of the growing need for a circular economy.”

With a focus on providing recycled products to the market, he adds, “We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our company, keeping waste from landfills, and continuing improvements in recycling technologies.”

G&E markets its recycled rubber under the brand name Ravaflex, a premium brand of reprocessed elastomers, which is uniformly manufactured globally through various Ravago manufacturing facilities.

This achievement reinforces Ravago’s overall commitment to recycling and contributing to a clean environment.

The Belgian Quality Association QA-CER Recycled Content is recognized and validated by the Circular Plastics Alliance led by the European Commission. The CPA is taking action to boost the market for recycled plastics and working to deliver systemic change.

About Goldsmith & Eggleton

The mission of Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) has been to create unique polymer-based solutions that offer its customers value, quality, and a competitive edge. G&E offers quality rubber masterbatches and reprocessed elastomers that meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. Channel Prime Alliance is the exclusive distributor for G&E products. For more information, visit and

About Ravago

Since its foundation in 1961 by Raf Van Gorp, Ravago provides a superior distribution, resale, compounding, and recycling service for plastic raw materials serving sophisticated functions that improve the sustainable quality of our life. Ravago serves nearly 50,000 customers with multiple products and services. Our growth has been possible thanks to the 8,000 employees that make up our family, and the values we represent: human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and humility. For more information, visit or contact

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Ravago Supplying Key Materials for COVID Response

Materials distributed by the firm are used in many products used by medical responders treating COVID-19 patients.

Ravago Americas says it and its subsidiaries are positioned to meet the challenge of
materials demand related to COVID-19.

Orlando, Fla.-based Ravago’s distribution units include Amco Polymers, Burcham
International, Channel Prime Alliance, Entec Polymers, Genesis Polymers and Muehlstein; as well as its own chemicals and manufacturing units. In an April 13 news release, officials said that all of these businesses “are helping to meet the urgent demand for polymers and chemicals used in critical products for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 for protection of those on the front lines.”

Products using materials distributed by Ravago include test kits, diagnostic consumables, ventilator components and personal protection equipment (PPE), including face shields. Ravago’s chemicals unit also is providing ingredients used in hand sanitizers and other critical products to help slow the spread of the virus.

Officials said that Ravago “is in constant contact” with suppliers, warehouses and logistics teams to manage the changing dynamics of the outbreak while addressing high demand for polymers and chemicals from key medical OEMs and contract manufacturers.

“Ravago has been a key supplier to the medical and packaging industries for decades and we are humbled to do our part to help combat this pandemic,” CEO Jim Duffy said in the release.

“With our extensive network of distribution centers throughout North and South America, we are able to position essential products close to where they are needed for key medical customers to respond to intense market demand for diagnostic tests, medical devices and PPE as fast as possible,” he added.

Ravago employs 7,000 worldwide and sells more than 12 billion pounds of resins and
compounds per year. The firm’s compounding and recycling facilities have more than 2
billion pounds of annual production capacity.

Channel Prime Alliance is the exclusive distributor of G&E products.

As seen in Plastic News

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Goldsmith & Eggleton Announces Laboratory Renovation

New equipment, information systems
and streamlining enhances technical services and customer support

Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) is excited to announce the renovation of their polymer laboratory facility. As part of a modernization initiative at the G&E facilities, the renovation adds upgraded pieces of equipment such as an RPA Elite and 3 MV1 Mooney machines. Additionally, a new furnace and ash oven have been installed. The project will also entail a full renovation of the lab mill, physical remodel of the laboratory space and the updating of the information systems. The goals of the improvements are to adhere to the 5S philosophy, implement continuous improvements and assure that customers receive the highest quality product. The newly remodeled lab will also provide enhanced technical support services to G&E’s customers and sales team. “The quality of the lab and what it delivers to our business is critical. We had a vision to make the lab as efficient as possible through technology, and to park our new equipment in an environment that highlighted our recent investments,” said Gina Undicelli, a Chemical Engineer that carries the role of Quality Manager and oversees the lab operations and its systems. Another aspect of the renovation of the lab will be to modernize the information systems, infrastructure and data collection. The lab will be virtually paperless. All test results and reporting will be directly exported from the equipment to a database, eliminating written forms. Digitizing the processes reduces the chance of human error and aids in data storage and retrieval. The modernization will create efficiencies and streamline the operations of the lab.

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Goldsmith & Eggleton Honored to Celebrate 50 Years as a Part of the Rubber Industry

Goldsmith & Eggleton (G&E) is honored to celebrate 50 wonderful years as a part of the rubber industry. G&E started as a family business, grew with extremely dedicated employees, suppliers, customers and partners, and expanded our footprint within the Ravago Holdings America family. The company truly values all those close relationships and attributes its success to them – its people. Their continued loyalty and hard work ethic are the driving factors why G&E has been an enduring leader in the industry. Throughout the years, Goldsmith & Eggleton has evolved with the rubber industry, adapting to its changes and embracing the vibrancy of the industry itself. 

This success dates back to 1968 when Allan Goldsmith and Bob Eggleton formed G&E to service a growing market need for distribution of raw rubber materials. Shortly after the company was formed, Joe Fagan and Marvin Weintraub joined as equal partners along with Dick Data who served as Operations Manager. It quickly outgrew its first location in downtown Akron and relocated to Gilchrist Road on the east side. During that time, G&E opened branch offices in Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta and Barcelona, Spain, and business began to evolve from resellers of off-specification and scrap polymers to distributors of prime Rubber, Rubber Chemicals and Thermoplastic Resins.

In the mid-1980s, G&E began leasing a manufacturing complex in Wadsworth, Ohio, which became the company’s first serious entre into the reprocessing business. In 1991, a catastrophic fire at the Akron site forced the company to purchase and relocate to the site in Wadsworth, Ohio, where it continues to operate a Carbon Black Masterbatch plant and reprocessing facility today. In 2012, G&E was purchased by Ravago Holdings America, and subsequently has aligned with Channel Prime Alliance as their sole distributor. For 50 years, G&E’s family of dedicated employees and suppliers worked tirelessly to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, giving our customers quality work, products and providing a welcoming family environment. This video truly exemplifies 50 years of G&E’s wonderful history through its people, expertly showcasing its legacy.

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Goldsmith & Eggleton Proudly Accepts the Outstanding Business of the Year Award

Wadsworth, OH- The Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce proudly celebrated the 31st annual Rosie awards along with several local and community leaders on March 30, 2011. In attendance was Goldsmith & Eggleton taking home the Outstanding Business of the Year Award.

Vice President of Goldsmith & Eggleton, Rob Eggleton said, “I proudly accepted the Award from the Chamber on behalf of the 110 employee owners of G&E. I personally thank the Mayor, City Services Director and the Superintendent of Wadsworth Schools for creating a thriving environment for business and a great community in which to raise a family.”

The award was given in appreciation for the employee-owned rubber company which continues to support the Wadsworth community through its business leadership and dedication.