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G&E Promotes Two Key Executives

Goldsmith & Eggleton is pleased to announce that senior leadership has promoted two key executives to newly created director level positions.

Jeff Brabham has been promoted to the newly created position of Director of Global Sales. In this position, Brabham will develop sales for G&E processed and traded materials to both domestic and international customers. In his previous role as Account Executive with the company, Brabham has been instrumental in building G&E brand recognition and increasing material sales to the emerging Asia Pacific marketplace.

Eric Davies has been promoted to the newly created position of Director of Manufacturing Operations. Davies will continue to be responsible for all manufacturing and production operations, the physical plant and all maintenance duties. In this new position, Davies will also be involved in strategy development for machinery and capital improvements. Davies has served 18 years with G&E, working in virtually all operation areas of the company.

According to Michael Fagan, President of Goldsmith & Eggleton, “We are extremely proud of the employees that keep Goldsmith & Eggleton at the forefront of the rubber industry. These promotions recognize the extraordinary achievement and leadership that these two individuals have made in our organization.”

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G&E President/CEO, Michael Fagan, Celebrates 30th Anniversary

G&E is pleased to announce that Michael Fagan, President/CEO, celebrated 30 years of service with the company in January 2010.

In 1980, Fagan joined Goldsmith & Eggleton as the Warehouse Crew Leader, in charge of inventory and shipping responsibilities. He worked in various capacities with the firm in sales until being named President/CEO in 1994. During his tenure, Fagan was instrumental in making G&E a global supplier through strategic partnerships for securing and distributing products around the world.

In 2007, Fagan was named President/CEO of newly formed Reliable Polymers Services LLC. The Port Arthur, Texas, company offers toll processing services to the producers of elastomeric products, as well as supplying the polymer industry with reprocessed rubber.

At the start of 2008 and continuing into 2009, Goldsmith & Eggleton underwent numerous technology advancements through the purchase of a new internal mixer and the complete renovation of the company’s Mill Room. These changes have allowed G&E to increase output and material quality levels to remain competitive, as well as be more environmentally responsible.

Beginning in 2009 and due to the worldwide economic climate, G&E launched ReprocessedRubber.Com, a website where specially-priced inventory could be purchased directly online. The site also has the capability for material suppliers to post material to be purchased by the company.

According to Fagan, “Our goals are to be an easy company to work with and to provide value to our customers and supply partners.”

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G&E Completes Mill Room Renovations for Added Quality & Efficiencies

G&E has completed the final phase of upgrades to its Mill Room, which began in 2008. These additions have had a significant impact on product quality supplied by G&E.

The first phase of the renovation was the substantial investment in a new F-270 Internal Mixer with PLC controls for masterbatch production. The mixer greatly expanded G&E’s ability to offer more capacity and a reliable source for masterbatch materials.

The second phase, completed in January 2009, included the installation of new dual-drive, unitized 84-inch batch off mills to create a state-of-the-art masterbatch mixing system. The batch-off mills provided better manufacturing quality, consistency and control.

The Final Phase
The final phase of the renovation includes the installation of a Marley Water Cooling Tower to assist in cooling the water supply, which feeds the mill. Engineered for high production runs, the cooling tower maintains a consistent temperature across the mill rolls for a more consistent, higher quality end product, as well as increasing the throughput rate. The tower also will lower the company’s energy costs to provide higher production efficiencies.

This phase also includes a spare parts program for all critical components for the F-270 Mixer, 84-inch Batch-Off Mill and all auxiliary equipment. This program is designed to minimize any unforeseen downtime due to unscheduled maintenance or needed repairs of the system.

According to Michael Fagan, President, “We are committed to the rubber industry and the environment, and these upgrades meet both of our objectives for a higher quality product while reducing our energy consumption.”

Other improvements included general structural changes to expand the company’s available floor space and a more strategic placement of mill room equipment.

“The G&E masterbatch operation supplies products to compounders, custom mixers and processors around the world,” added Rob Eggleton, Vice President & Manager of Sales and Marketing. “By continually expanding our capabilities, we aim to offer our customer base with more value-oriented material solutions.”

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G&E adds a F270 Internal Mixer for Masterbatch production

The mixer, in addition to existing manufacturing technologies at G&E, greatly expands our ability to offer more capacity and a reliable source for all masterbatch materials. All masterbatches are formulated by G&E and produced in-house to maintain strict adherence to all quality standards.

The F270 Internal Mixer utilizes an updated PLC controller and other system features to ensure that each batch meets our customer’s requirements for performance, consistency and reliability.

Our continued investment in new resources shows G&E’s commitment to the rubber industry – it’s how we’ve been doing business since 1968.

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G&E earns ISO 14001:2004 Accreditation for its Environmental Management System

Goldsmith and Eggleton, a manufacturer of black masterbatches and reprocessed polymers, has earned registration of its Environmental Management System under the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001:2004 program.

The ISO 14001:2004 program specifies requirements for an environmental management system which can be integrated with other management plans to assist organizations in achieving environmental and economic goals.

Company officials said the ISO 14001:2004 program was embraced to help achieve environmental objectives. “No program replaces operating responsibility and we are committed to resolving regulatory issues,” said G&E Management Representative, Paul Alic. “The ISO 14001:2004 program is a valuable management tool for addressing concerns raised about environmental practices at our Wadsworth facility.”

Mike Gospodinsky, President of Quality Innovations, advised G&E on program development and implementation. “There is an increased awareness of what can be done to improve the environment at the company since beginning the ISO 14001:2004 program, which over time will result in improved environmental performance,” stated Gospodinsky.

Incorporating the ISO standards in an environmental management system provides the company an excellent benchmark and third-party accountability for performance,” Alic added. The registration was awarded by Smithers Quality Assessments, globally recognized for ISO 14001:2004 auditing. G&E also is registered under the ISO 9001:2008 program for product quality control.

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G&E Blended 565 EPDM ideal for Hose Applications and Molded Goods

G&E Blended 565 EPDM premium grade is designed for high-performance products and continuous cure extrusion applications.

G&E Blended 565 EPDM is manufactured in accordance with a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2008. Featuring tightly controlled specifications, the ethylene and ENB are measured and controlled through the entire manufacturing process, which gives this grade excellent repeatable processing characteristics. G&E Blended 565 EPDM can be colored easily allowing for wider product applications and is supplied in free-flowing pellets in 33 lb. bags.

Typical applications include hose, tube and cover stock, profiles, construction profiles, window gaskets, weather stripping, and a variety of high-performance molded goods.

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G&E Blended Halogenated Butyl (HIIR) suited for sealants and adhesives

G&E Halogenated Butyl (HIIR) is produced by combining feedstocks of Halogenated Butyl Rubber to achieve a uniform Mooney and percent halogen content. G&E Blended HIIR is an excellent material choice for non-cured tapes, caulks, sound deadening, vibration damping and general sealants and adhesives.

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, G&E Blended HIIR is excellent for reducing part costs when blended with prime elastomers.

G&E Blended HIIR is available in 34 kg bales wrapped in low melt polyethylene bags.

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G&E Renovates Mill Room for Added Capacity and Quality

Goldsmith & Eggleton has invested in a complete renovation of its Mill Room. The project will be finalized and ready for production in early January 2009.

Details of the renovation include the installation of new dual-drive, unitized 84-inch batch-off mills outfitted with PLC controls and ancillary electric and temperature controls. These new mills will be incorporated with the previously installed F-270 mixer to create a state-of-the-art masterbatch mixing system.

According to Michael Fagan, President, “The investment into the renovated Mill Room will increase our production efficiencies and capabilities. The PLC technology provides better manufacturing quality, consistency and control for our masterbatch product offerings. This move was made as an investment for the future of G&E and to the rubber industry.”

The new technologies will also allow G&E to expand its current product line by giving the company more versatility of materials processed to expand into new markets. The G&E masterbatch operation will supply products to compounders, custom mixers and processors.

“The Mill Room renovations will continue to help G&E contain production costs without sacrificing quality for our customers. By expanding our capabilities, we look forward to the challenges of entering into new partnerships with value-added material solutions,” added Rob Eggleton, Vice President & Manager of Sales and Marketing.