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Goldsmith & Eggleton has invested in a complete renovation of its Mill Room. The project will be finalized and ready for production in early January 2009.

Details of the renovation include the installation of new dual-drive, unitized 84-inch batch-off mills outfitted with PLC controls and ancillary electric and temperature controls. These new mills will be incorporated with the previously installed F-270 mixer to create a state-of-the-art masterbatch mixing system.

According to Michael Fagan, President, “The investment into the renovated Mill Room will increase our production efficiencies and capabilities. The PLC technology provides better manufacturing quality, consistency and control for our masterbatch product offerings. This move was made as an investment for the future of G&E and to the rubber industry.”

The new technologies will also allow G&E to expand its current product line by giving the company more versatility of materials processed to expand into new markets. The G&E masterbatch operation will supply products to compounders, custom mixers and processors.

“The Mill Room renovations will continue to help G&E contain production costs without sacrificing quality for our customers. By expanding our capabilities, we look forward to the challenges of entering into new partnerships with value-added material solutions,” added Rob Eggleton, Vice President & Manager of Sales and Marketing.