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WADSWORTH, OH — March 14, 2024 – Goldsmith & Eggleton LLC (G&E), a Ravago company, is excited to announce the completion of a year-long improvement plan for its carbon black masterbatch (CBMB) plant. These improvements have been designed to minimize the handling of carbon black and rubber in the mixer, improve ergonomics, and increase batch-to-batch consistency.

These improvements include the installation of a new internal mixer, automation of the material feed line, improved air filtration, and PLC-controlled weigh-up systems.

The line itself was reconfigured to improve process flow and reduce the amount of handling of raw materials. This has netted improved efficiencies in the plant, better ergonomics, and improved consistency in the mixing process.

The turnaround with the new mixer is anticipated to achieve a measurable increase in throughput, allowing G&E to continue offering growth opportunities within its current customer base as well as expanded opportunities for new customers.

Rob Eggleton, Business Manager of Goldsmith & Eggleton, states, “We have always been dedicated to servicing the rubber industry and supporting growth within this dynamic marketplace. These improvements will allow us to continue to produce high-quality rubber masterbatch products while maintaining a clean and safe working environment for our employees.”

The improvements to the plant are part of a long-term strategy to offer the marketplace with innovative polymer solutions with a focus on sustainability and a circular economy. In 2023 G&E achieved QA-CER system 2 certification.

“To achieve QA-CER status, all plant functions, manufacturing, technical, sales, management, and raw material procurement were audited for meeting sustainability metrics and the support of a circular economy,” said Eggleton. “Complying with the sustainability metrics allows us to certify the products we bring to market are 100% recycled rubber. The certification validates that our recycled products will satisfy our customer’s commitment to meeting their sustainability goals.”

HB Chemicals is the exclusive distributor of Goldsmith & Eggleton Ravaflex polymers and masterbatches. For further information, please contact your HB Chemical representative. For more information on Goldsmith & Eggleton, visit

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