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Ravago BalesORLANDO, FLORIDA — June 27, 2022 — Ravago has announced the global rebranding of its premium brand of reprocessed elastomers under one common product standard, Ravaflex™. The brand name itself means sustainability, reliability, performance, quality, and value. Ravago manufactures reprocessed rubber in Belgium, Saudi Arabia and the United States and is the industry leader in high-value reprocessed elastomers. Ravaflex is manufactured to exact customer specifications, which creates a consistent, quality product, offering cost reduction and sustainability solutions.

“We are creating a global brand identity, unifying the rubber manufacturing assets of Ravago under one brand name – Ravaflex,” said Rob Eggleton, Business Manager of Reprocessed Elastomers, Channel Prime Alliance, a Ravago Company. “Standardizing specifications, testing procedures, packaging and so forth will enhance our ability to provide seamless service to our customers on a global scale.”

Kris Brouwers, Ravago Business Director said, “We are excited to be rolling up the G&E blended polymers brand manufactured by Goldsmith and Eggleton LLC into the common brand, Ravaflex. It’s a new chapter in our ever-evolving company, and we look forward to its future growth and success.”

Ravaflex is a family of reprocessed elastomers, including Butyl, Halobutyl, EPDM, PBD, NBR and SBR. The brand unification provides global reach, deliverability, and product consistency within Ravago’s manufacturing assets in the US, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates.

About Ravago
Since its foundation in 1961 by Raf Van Gorp, Ravago provides a superior distribution, resale, compounding, and recycling service for plastic raw materials serving sophisticated functions that improve the sustainable quality of our life. Ravago serves nearly 50,000 customers with multiple products and services. Our growth has been possible thanks to the 8,000 employees that make up our family, and the values we represent: human focus, professionalism, entrepreneurship, and humility. For more information, visit or contact