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G&E has completed the final phase of upgrades to its Mill Room, which began in 2008. These additions have had a significant impact on product quality supplied by G&E.

The first phase of the renovation was the substantial investment in a new F-270 Internal Mixer with PLC controls for masterbatch production. The mixer greatly expanded G&E’s ability to offer more capacity and a reliable source for masterbatch materials.

The second phase, completed in January 2009, included the installation of new dual-drive, unitized 84-inch batch off mills to create a state-of-the-art masterbatch mixing system. The batch-off mills provided better manufacturing quality, consistency and control.

The Final Phase
The final phase of the renovation includes the installation of a Marley Water Cooling Tower to assist in cooling the water supply, which feeds the mill. Engineered for high production runs, the cooling tower maintains a consistent temperature across the mill rolls for a more consistent, higher quality end product, as well as increasing the throughput rate. The tower also will lower the company’s energy costs to provide higher production efficiencies.

This phase also includes a spare parts program for all critical components for the F-270 Mixer, 84-inch Batch-Off Mill and all auxiliary equipment. This program is designed to minimize any unforeseen downtime due to unscheduled maintenance or needed repairs of the system.

According to Michael Fagan, President, “We are committed to the rubber industry and the environment, and these upgrades meet both of our objectives for a higher quality product while reducing our energy consumption.”

Other improvements included general structural changes to expand the company’s available floor space and a more strategic placement of mill room equipment.

“The G&E masterbatch operation supplies products to compounders, custom mixers and processors around the world,” added Rob Eggleton, Vice President & Manager of Sales and Marketing. “By continually expanding our capabilities, we aim to offer our customer base with more value-oriented material solutions.”